Ford Mustang Enthusiast’s Blog

Welcome to the Mustang blog at BlogSavy. I am an avid enthusiast of Ford’ famous ponycar, and having owned several Mustangs I figured it was only fitting that I blogged about what I like or dislike about what FMC is doing with the car now. I try to update the blog as time permits, and I hope that you’ll take the time to leave a comment where you can.

2005 Ford MustangHere you’ll find news, reviews and opinion on the past, present and future of the Ford Mustang. It might not always be pretty, but it’s in your face and informative. You’ll find stuff on all the tuner cars from ROUSH, Saleen, Steeda, Shelby and even some off the wall tuner models. I’ve got a page on Mustang History and other more important things I think every fan should know.

The articles on the top of the sidebar are static, you can’t comment on them and they’re there more for informational purposes. I try to keep the opinion out of those. Below that, you’ll find a few categories and the posts there are ordered by date – newest at the top. You can comment on any and all of those, so long as you’re respectful and you can figure out the captcha image (note: thank the spammers).

Ford MustangI think the Mustang is one of the best cars you can buy if you want high performance, good looks and an affordable sports car. The best thing about these cars is how easy it is to modify and customize them. A Modded Mustang can easy outperform anything on the street - from road racing to the drag strip. Camaros and Corvettes, for example, are great cars but for the cost of purchasing one of them you could buy a Mustang, spend a few thousands dollars on performance, and have a faster car while save a ton of money. At any rate, those are my thoughts. Thanks for visiting my little blog, and I look foward to hearing your thoughts on the posts I write.