Mustang News

2010 Mustang: Under $21,000 MSRP

Holy cow, it’s hard to believe but the all-new (well kind of) redesigned refined 2010 Ford Mustang will have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of under $21k. As Ford’s ponycar clicks a few years past it’s 50th anniversary, and with the souring economy, there hasn’t been a deal this good since Microsoft stock back in [...]

Ford’s Romeo Engine Plant Builds 10 Millionth Engine

Ford’s Romeo, Michigan plant – which builds the 4.6L V8 engine for the Ford Mustang and F150 – hit a milestone last month… 10,000,000 engines! Yes, that’s 10 million of these modular powerplants for Ford’s (arguably) most popular eight cylinder engine ever. For a bit of history: this facility was originally a tractor manufacturing plantConverted [...]

Bullitt, Boss, and Shelby GT For 2008

Amid much speculation about the next gen Mustang planned for 2010 (see Guigiaro), Ford has been somewhat quiet about what’s coming next year. On that list is, reportedly, is another Bullitt edition and the “official” return of the Boss Mustang. This is in addition to the already promised Shelby GT. We’ve reported these vehicles in the past, and the [...]

Ford Takes K.I.T.T. Role With GT500KR

The Ford Mustang GT500KR has been officially cast as the next K.I.T.T., replacing the infamous “other” car. While the super car has been known to racing fans as “King of the Road” since 1968, it’s about to star in a remake of the hit TV series Knight Rider making mix-ups inevitable. “It’s purely a coincidence [...]