Special Edition Mustangs

2006 Roush Mustang Stage 3

As one of the most popular ROUSH Mustang variants of all time, the 2006 Roush Stage 3 Mustang turned a $21,000 add-on package into one of the most docile, yet blazingly fast Mustang tuners ever produce. As Jack Roush says “This is the best Mustang we have ever built.” We think he was dead on. [...]

Bullitt, Boss, and Shelby GT For 2008

Amid much speculation about the next gen Mustang planned for 2010 (see Guigiaro), Ford has been somewhat quiet about what’s coming next year. On that list is, reportedly, is another Bullitt edition and the “official” return of the Boss Mustang. This is in addition to the already promised Shelby GT. We’ve reported these vehicles in the past, and the [...]

Cragar Mustang

Cragar is breaking ground on an exciting new project… and believe it or not it’s a special edition Ford Mustang. Cragar is set to (actually they already have) launch a new line of special edition vehicles available from select Ford dealers. Their first vehicle is based on the  ‘06 Ford Mustang. The New Special Edition [...]

ROUSH Mustang Stage 3

Jack Roush issued the engineering team at ROUSH Industries a challenge – “Design and engineer a true high performance, reliable and exciting Mustang, true Muscle Car, and I will see that America will get it.” Signed, sealed and delivered… The Stage 3 Mustang ROUSH combines a massive increase horsepower and torque, which is carefully mated [...]