ROUSH Mustang

As one of the better looking tuner models of Ford’s pony car, the ROUSH Mustang was originally designed and proposed way back in 1988 by Jack Roush – though Ford turned the idea down, apparently for cost reasons. Nevertheless, ROUSH Performance persevered until finally, in 1994, they had their chance.

ROUSH MustangThe first generation ROUSH Mustangs started the trend of these souped up sports care being offered in three (3) essential stages.  Stage I was an appearance package, Stage II improved upon the first with a racing oriented suspension, and stage III Mustang ROUSH models added engine modifications including GT40 heads and other bolt-on’s that improved power by nearly 50 horsepower. This SN-95 “tuner car” put ROUSH on the map when it comes to aftermarket Ford Mustang performance, which continues to this day.

The second generation ROUSH Mustangs where manufactured from 1999-2004, again in three stages and also with three names – the Sport, Rally and Premium. One notable fact was that there were V6 ROUSH Mustangs built, and they looked really good and almost indistinguishable from the V8 models. There are entirely too many configurations and features to list here in just one article, though rest assured that the list is long and these cars where much more than just “lookers”, though they did a good job of looking good in the process.

The current generation, based on the 2005 and newer S-197 Mustang adds considerable handling and performance improvements to the already potent “Camaro killer.” With the forced induction assistance of ROUSH’s supercharger, aka the ROUSHcharger, horsepower is bumped up the 4.6L 3 valve V8 engine to a staggering 415 at the flywheel, and that’s a conservative number.

All in all, ROUSH has clearly used some of his NASCAR race experience to build some serious musclecar power into the Mustang. With exciting models such as the 440A, 427R. 428R and P-51A it doesn’t look like Jack and crew are slowing down anytime soon.